Eric Hultgren - CEO

CEO of Now Playing Eric is in charge of finding amazingly talented people who want to see this idea spring to life and let them execute that plan. Eric spent 20 years in broadcasting at iHeart Media and is now the director of social media and content marketing for MLive and uses his marketing chops to build the connective tissue between the children that Now Playing helps and the people in the community who believe that creativity and the performing arts are vital to helping kids develop a curiosity for the world that will serve them for the rest of their life. 

Brieanne Bialochowski - Vice President

As Vice President of Now Playing Brie spends her time developing programs that continue to grow the program and reach out to more organizations who have children that benefit from the ability to have access to the performing arts. 

Dan Hill - Treasurer

Dan Hill has built a career around understanding finance so he was the first person we wanted on our team to make sure that Now Playing scales at a pace that we are able to keep up with need and ability to execute events. 

Angie Hultgren - Secretary

Angie Hultgren is someone who understands how to take complex ideas and translate them into a language that everyone can understand. Her role at Now Playing is that of taking the core mission and making sure that every event, every post, every interview lands on the core mission. Angie, as she does in every role she has, is the glue that keeps the organization pushing forward.