This past weekend you had Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and today is Cyber Monday. While the idea of Thanksgiving is much different than in practice, in practice it has much more in common with the glut of buying that we all take part in before the holidays kick into high gear. 

So, after four days of indulgence, it is time to give back and this Giving Tuesday I would challenge you to find charities and groups that you believe in and give with all your heart. That doesn't mean give them all your money that means give a $1 with the same vigor and passion as if you could give $100,000 because charities know how to make things work - where they can always use more help is in getting the word out and that action can help with fundraising which increases awareness and helps with fundraising. 

Which means whatever charities you choose invite a friend to "like" them on Facebook, send the website to a co-worker, or tag them on Instagram so your audience can check them out. While this is not the only day you should give to your communities in whatever fashion you see fit, it is the one day of the year where it is a marketing tactic and groups like this one will take full advantage of that in hopes that you make a habit out of supporting them. 

Have an amazing Monday and I am excited to see what sort of magic happens in this community because of the generation of people like YOU.