I know that I have lacked in the blogging department on the site and that is something I strive to get better at here as our staff grows. We will be announcing most of the board members here in the next 10 days so it has been a really exciting time here. All that to say I have been unexcusably busy. 

This Sunday I will be speaking at The Story Community Church about living a better story, a series they are finishing this week. It is an honor to have a chance to speak but I am always uncomfortable with this idea that I am somehow special because we started this. We started this because our community needed it and we were in the right place at the right time. The honest truth is if you just took 2 hours a week away from your Instagram, Netflix, or whatever distracts you from the important stuff you would have 8 hours a month. With 8 hours a month you could make a HUGE impact on the world around and if every person you knew took 8 hours (you spend 55 minutes a day on facebook) the impact would profound. 

So I am humbled by all of you who have donated and honored to be able to speak this weekend but I am way less interested in hearing myself talk than I am getting you to go start your thing. 

What will 2017 hold for you? Why not start now...